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CASIRJ was started in June 2010. The prime aim of this Research Journal is to share and link the Commerce , Arts and Science students and faculties, their views all over the world.

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CASIRJ publication is open access and your thesis will be available to anyone in the world to download / read for free directly from the website. Your thesis will be accessible from Google Scholar and etc.

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Impact Factor

CASIRJ Journals try its best effort for selecting good quality paper to achieve high impact factor.

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Research Paper

Peer review of research papers is also undertaken by us, and this gives the author an insight into what the peer group thinks about the value addition done by your work.

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Paper Submission

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration if neither the article nor any of its content has been published or submitted elsewhere before appearing in CASIRJ Journals.

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CASIRJ International Research Journal abides itself in ethical responsibility towards the confidentiality, coherency, and respect to the manuscripts submitted to it for consideration for publishing in its volumes.

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CASIRJ was started in June 2010. The prime aim of this Research Journal is to share and link the Science , Technology , Management students and faculties, their views all over the world. The Research Journal is a nonprofit unit of Shri Paramhans Education  Trust. This nonprofit trust has been started to serve the poor people and deprived students socially and economically. This Journal is managed by professionals in the field of IT and Management andtries to provide all the possible resources to the students and faculty. We also offer best possible consultancy and research solutions for the industry and researchers.

The objective of CASIRJ is to disseminate new knowledge and technology for the benefit of everyone ranging from students to the academic and professional research communities and industry practitioner. We are also focusing to introduce each journal as a research platform for Commerce , Arts and Science in order to realize new theories and developments for research communities; thus bridging the gap between research theories and industrial developments.


1. To provide a venue for dissemination of research outputs and activities in related fields.
2. To train young scientists to the interdisciplinary skills.
3. To integrate theoretical research with industrial development by giving an organizational frame for carrying out big and integrated projects those are beyond the manpower of single research groups.
4. To disseminate knowledge and results in an efficient manner.
5. To stimulate new research in engineering, computer science and applications.
6. To raise the standard of research globally.
7. To publish a refereed scientific journals.


In order to ensure our objectives, we use latest development technologies to build our system and solutions that deliver authoritative content of the highest quality, thus enabling our professional customers to find the essential data, analysis and commentary to support their decisions.


We have team of dedicated researchers that mainly provides assistance to Research Scholars, Authors, Editors and Higher Doctorate Candidates with constant & efficient support and telephonic communication.


Our main focus is on operational efficiency and it allows us to deliver continuous margin improvement. We allocate capital and resources to pursue opportunities that accelerate our strategic and business progress and create a more cohesive business.

Quick Statistics

Impact Factor* - .2.93

CASIRJ Journals try its best effort for selecting good quality paper to achieve high impact factor.

CASIRJ Journals published paper cited highly due to open access publication era and its worldwide indexing.

CASIRJ Journals paper citation is increasing day by day. So it is very difficult to calculate exact citation report.
But approx citation report is as follows (it may be vary because it depends on citation of papers):

Authors are requested to cite CASIRJ Journals published paper in their articles for improving the quality impact factor.


  Number of submissions received - 5046

  Number of Papers Published - 1566

Volume - 9         Year - 2018  Article Published -   22

Volume - 8         Year - 2017  Article Published -   304

Volume - 7         Year - 2016  Article Published -   149

Volume - 6         Year - 2015  Article Published -   301

Volume - 5         Year - 2014  Article Published -   350

Volume - 4         Year - 2013  Article Published -   214

Volume - 3         Year - 2012  Article Published -   119

Volume - 2         Year - 2011  Article Published -   56

Volume - 1         Year - 2010  Article Published -   51