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Volume -9 Issue - 8
Month [Year] -- August [2018]
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रहस्यवाद का विवेचन अत्यन्त मनोरंजन होने के साथ साथ दुःसाहय प्रतीत होता है। आत्मा और परमात्मा के अध्यात्मिक प्रेम में जीव की सारी इन्द्रियों का एकीकार रहस्यवाद की और इंगित करता है। अद्वैतवाद को रहस्यवाद का प्राण माना है। सूफीमत में शरियत, तरीकत, हकीकत और मारिफत आदि चार दशाएँ रहस्यवाद को अन्जाम तक ले जाती है। सूफीमत के अनुसार मारीफत में जाकर आत्मा-परमात्मा का मिलन होता है।

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Indian society is too much driven by financial status. Young people can expect a much better starting salary in Information Technology. Most IT companies on the other hand now a day trying to extract maximum work/productivity out of the employees. Due to the work commitments and rise in unscheduled work, may increase the work stress. The main focus of the study is to measure the causes of stress, stress related health issues and stress management techniques provided by ten selected group of companies in Coimbatore city with special reference to TIDEL PARK.

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Gorakhpur is situated in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh in India near the Nepal border. Aurangabad, a small village is at a distance of 19 kilometres from Gorakhpur, which deserves special reference in terracotta toys. Among the clay products of Uttar Pradesh, clay figures of animals, gods and goddesses are made by local potters at Gorakhpur. Thousands of hands have received worldwide appreciation for the city of Gorakhpur. Gorakhpur focuses on the humble craft of terracotta toy making that enriches our daily life. Various faces, costumes, decoration is superb. Statues or idols are realistically produced for festivals. It is an art which touched the peacock of creativity, imagination in the hands of the master potter. The process of pottery making is briefly discussed. This paper concludes the main issues and challenges of craftsmen and discussed the conversation with academic workers, artists, craftsmen in the industry. The main point of the study is about various tools, skill, knowledge of materials, work styles are highlighted in it. Some possibilities for the development of the craftsmen are suggested here.