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Vol -  8, Issue- 1 ,         Page(s) : 63 - 68  (2017 ) DOI :


The Post-Modern Period brought drastic changes in every sphere of human life. It is the transitional age in which the notion of fixity, rationality, boundary, originality, purity, histories, homeland, cultural superiority and belongingness are shackled by post-modern and post-colonial theories. The concept so called ‘pure culture’, ‘fixed identity’ and ‘absolute territory’ are become age old concepts. The concept of fixity changed into liminality. In the contemporary period the concept such as globalization, cosmopolitanism, hybridization, double consciousness, multiple identities and cultural fundamentalism brought drastic changes in contemporary literature and society. This changed outlook is apparent in contemporary diasporic writing where the cultural as well as social problem of immigrant society is depicted. This essay is an attempt to show how human being lost his ‘roots’ or ‘self’ and became alien and strange in foreign land and how he constantly tries to negotiate and acculturate in this globalized and cosmopolitan world. This essay also studies the problem of diasporic family who is culturally as well as geographically displaced, who is constantly longing for their imaginary homeland in foreign culture.

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