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    1 Author(s):  DR. SUNIL KUMAR

Vol -  8, Issue- 9 ,         Page(s) : 79 - 92  (2017 ) DOI :


Adopting the new concept with by replacing the institutional practices is the issues of big debates and controversy, but if the traditional outline is outdated and enhance losses, and increasing of defaulters,increasing NPAs, fraudulent and dominant factors of state government participants are key elements for the bankruptcy and shutdown of an any organization and institutions. This arose for upgradation with new innovative ideas and model for re-construction rebuilt of institutions for settlement of shortcomings. mostly we find this type of institution which base root is not governed and functioning with the given parlance of their issues and problems. The Co-operative banks is one of them.The Indian Co-operative movement, like its counterparts in other countries of the world has been essentially a child of distress.Towards the end of 19th Century, the peasantry was in the grip of the Sahukar and the rural debt was mounting. The condition of the agriculturists was deplorable.

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