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Vol -  8, Issue- 9 ,         Page(s) : 165 - 169  (2017 ) DOI :


The term ‘border’ drives at a problem or conveys a repository of life and emotions. A feeling has naturally come into being that reflecting upon this and defining the same is a sort of ‘cultural representation’. The love of language of this tradition that springs from time to time has been depicted either as the other form of nationality or treason. So many reasons can be ascribed to this. They are not just cultural reasons but also political in nature. All regions present an order of such an accomplished formation of their borders. In this backdrop, Bellary district also bears a history of cultural configuration in the midst of a number of crises. It is, of course, not a glorious history; it is a history of-changing circumstances; of angst; of tract and trace and of being subjected to circumscription from its vast expansion. It is interspersed with struggles and angst. For the fact that these waves of angst do not pertain either to a person or a border but rather they are associated with the folk, the ‘border’ remains a metaphor for forever.

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