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    1 Author(s):  HUDA MAJEED

Vol -  8, Issue- 9 ,         Page(s) : 247 - 258  (2017 ) DOI :


History of Indian English literature ages nearly 200 years old. The first step of English writing by an Indian has been traced back in 1809, as M.K. Naik in the preface of his book refers to the quote taken from the eighth volume of Asiatic Researches that,:“…1809, the year when probably first composition in English of some length, by an Indian _ namely C.V. Boriah’s ‘ “Accounts of the Jains’ appeared. Literature has always served as a reflection of various phenomenon be it social, political, economic, or historical, with respect to time and place, therefore, reflecting particular time period of the place, conditions, attitudes and the individuals related to it.

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