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    1 Author(s):  IKVIR KAUR

Vol -  8, Issue- 11 ,         Page(s) : 217 - 228  (2017 ) DOI :


Abstract "The world 'symbol' is derived from Greek 'symbolan' means a sign. The original source of symbols in the west is supposed to be the Egyptian pictography; but Indian symbols are more archaic in nature than those familiar to the west" (Pandey). To know Indian symbology it is essential to have proper knowledge of Indian philosophy and traditions. Symbolism is a form of expression, used by man for his ideas and concepts where language is a lengthy process of expression symbolism is an indirect and brief method of expression. Symbolic usage is getting popular day by day in different fields of knowledge, including science. The computer, the latest scientific device, is fed with the language of symbols and replies to our queries in symbolic language. Thus whether past or present, the use of symbols is inevitable in every field. ' Like language, symbols are also used by man for communicating his ideas but symbolism is an indirect and brief method of expression.(Symbols are used by man in his everyday life and history reveals their use in the past. 'Symbol' is defined as something that stand for, represents or denotes something else where as symbolism is define as the practice of representing things by symbol, or giving a symbolic character to object or acts.

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