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    2 Author(s):  KAMALI R ,DR. R. PRATHIBA DEVI

Vol -  11, Issue- 9 ,         Page(s) : 16 - 27  (2020 ) DOI :


Dead stock is the inventory product that never gets sold and occupies the store shelves way longer than expected. Every retailer or distributor has a dead stock graveyard in their warehouse. Excess inventory occupies the space of new products and thus the opportunity to purchase more of your top sellers is lost. Advance prediction of the behavior of customers to buy a product is extremely important yet difficult. In this world of fashion retailing, where shopping is fast moving online and stores try to keep inventories closely matched to sales, even a small stack of unsold clothes can become a bad sign. No matter how good fashion buyers may be at purchasing stock -there is always going to be some unsold clothes at the end of every season. So, the objective of the research is to explore and study the current state of the deadstock and identify the causes inducing them.

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