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Month [Year] -- July [2018]
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There are a number of investment opportunities available to an investor. Each of these investments has its own risk and return features. Individual investor considers a number of factors before deciding to invest their funds in various securities involving varying degrees of risk and return. In the present economic scenario, the option available to them is different and the factor motivating the investors to invest is governed by their socio-economic profile including expected return and risk tolerance. In short, the investment decision making process is a multi-faceted subject to change over a period of time. In this paper, an attempt is made to study mainly the investment avenue preferred by the investors and to analyze the investor’s preference towards investment in mutual funds when other investment avenues are also available in the market.

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Entrepreneurship is all about risk-bearing and innovation, but above all the managerial practices summarized into following three broad functions of management – Planning; organizing and staffing & directing and coordinating are crucial to for the success of the enterprise. Financial Planning is an important aspect of planning function of management that directly effects the performance, hence this study. Financial management practices contribute to the improvement of the economic status of the enterprises.This primary study covered three important aspects: Demographic profile; Risk Aversion and Financial Planning and it was studied in 30 enterprises. Chi square test was used to find the relationship between performance of the enterprises and the financial planning practices.It can be concluded in this study that the financial management practices has significant yet moderate relationship with the performance of the enterprises. The determinants include Accounting management practices, risk aversion, qualified staff to handle finance function of the firm, financial management practices, cash management, inventory management, and credit risk management.

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Whatever valuable we have availed from our fore fathers, we should transfer the same to our next Generation. Such valuable offerings of our forefathers itself is called as Legacy (Heritage). Such cultural and natural heritage / legacy of our country are the main sources of our life and inspiration. For example the beautiful settlementsof nature, Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Bruhadeshwara Temple, etc., are itself our special and extra ordinary settlements of International heritage. Such cultural heritage aspects, wherever they may be located throughout the world, they actually belongs to people of the whole world.