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Volume -7 Issue - 8
Month [Year] -- August [2016]
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The social psychologist and humanistic philosopher Erich Fromm was very much determining to exploration of the deep ills of modern society, and how overcome from them. Fromm’s primary emphasis is on evaluating the sanity of contemporary society, which he suggests often deny its citizen’ basic human needs of productive activity, self-actualization, freedom and love. He suggests that the mental health of a society cannot be assessed in an abstract manner but must focus on specific economic, social and political factors at play in any given society and should consider whether these factors contribute are conducive to mental stability. Fromm’s foremost interests were analyzing social systems and their impact on the mental health of the individual as well as society. In this way he reaches further and asks: “Can a society be sick?” He finds that it can, arguing that Western culture is immersed in a “pathology of normalcy” that affects the mental health of individuals.

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Information management in the field of healthcare, has significantly improved and enriched our lives.Today, millions of people reap the benefits of the fusion of IT in healthcare, thereby yielding an information management system, which has shaped the world of medicine, healthcare and changed millions of lives.The information and data acquired shall be useful not only for current generations but for the future posterity as well. Managing leviathan data has created a complex network of information which can be accessed easily anywhere and anytime. This research is important to recognize the impact of fusion of information management in the field of health care. With advances in the field of health information management system, mortality rates across the globe wane drastically, thereby making coalesce of IT with healthcare a trailblazing success.

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1. Introduction The ultimate objective of development planning is human development or increased social welfare and well-being of the people of a nation. This goal is also important because the sustainability of the development process hinges upon the quality of life enjoyed by the people. A healthy and educated population leads to increased productivity which, in turn, can contribute effectively to output growth. Development strategy, therefore, needs to continuously strive for broad-based improvement in standards of living. The term industrialization incorporates many phases or stages to explain or justify the socio-economic phenomena that have been experienced, are being experienced and will be experienced. Industrial Geography analyses the pattern of industrial development and of the location and the spatial arrangement of manufacturing industries.

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For the development of the economy of nation, banks play a significant role. A bank can be defined as a financial Institution which is engaged in accepting of deposits as savings of the customer and providingadvance from the deposits to borrowers

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Tea has occupied an important place in India’s economy for last several decades. India is world’s largest grower and produces and consumer of tea. Indian tea is losing its position due to high price and poor qualities in foreign market. Keeping in mind the importance of the industry for Indian economy as well foreign tare, in the present research paper an attempt has been made to examine the trends of exports and tea industry and share of tea in total export with the help basic statistical tools. It can be concluded from the results that the growth of export was much higher than the production of tea in these years, In case of share of agricultural products in total export results shows that the share of agricultural product was also increased. If we compare CAGR of agricultural products with tea in can be concluded from the results that CAGR of agricultural product was almost doubled than CAGR of tea in these years, In case of export direction of tea it can be concluded that the export was increased with Iran and highly decreased with Iraq.

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Albumin metal complex are prepared and drug (5-flourouracil) are load in to it. And characterize the complex formation by polarizing microscope and SRM and solubility of the complex is determined.

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Abstract: Over a last century and half ‘YOGA’ has become a global phenomenon. Like all globalized culture, yoga is neither equally shared, nor universally conceived. Disputes about where and to whom yoga belongs are bound to continue, both in official court cases and among practitioners of varying national, class, gender, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. A word with such deep and wide-reaching roots cannot be limited to a simple or one-dimensional meaning but will continue to reach multiple resonances, as a sacred mantra pronounced with the knowledge acquired over generations, or a secular phrase newly taken to heart abroad.

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The great numbers of Cricket probable are available at various levels In India, and there is requirement for the establishment of fitness norms which will further contribute in the process of talent identification of Cricket players. The development of fitness norms may be helpful to support the fitness strainers in administering the fitness tests. The patterns implemented will be helpful in setting standards for the players, identifying weaknesses and strengths of the individual player and accordingly the feedback from the output of the assessment often provides incentive and motivation for a player to improve in a specific area and to reinforce their wards of quality training.

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Minorities have been a controversial issue throughout human’s history. The word “Minority” means a group comprising less than half of the population and differing from others, especially the predominant section, in race, religion, traditions and culture, language, etc. A special Subcommittee on the Protection of Minority Rights appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Commission in 1946 defined the ‘minority’ as those “non-dominant groups in a population which possess a wish to preserve stable ethnic, religious and linguistic traditions or characteristics markedly different from those of the rest of the population. Recently, 90 Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) have been identified throughout the countries which are relatively backward and falling behind the national average in terms of socio-economic and basic amenities indicators.