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Morning assembly is very important ritual of a school. It is our age old culture of country. Every new work starts with prayers to our gods. So it happens in schools too. Schools are like our temples. Morning assembly is a time of peace and quiet. Students stand in rows on assembly ground. They say prayers before starting day’s work. The scene is very calm and peaceful. All students stand in rows in school uniforms. Important information is also given to the students like good thought, National and International News, sports news etc. regularly. Great personalities, amazing facts and quiz are also presented weekly in the schools.Some researchershave shown that when students properly present, organize and observe the prayers in the school, it creates motivatedenvironment in the school and students are capable of doing work effectively throughout the day.

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Blood is one of the most important human body fluid, as it helps in the transportation of many thing in body like- nutrients, water, Oxygen, hormones & anti-infective agents, & also helps in the removal of CO2 & other waste products from the tissues. In many recent researches, it has been found that in developing countries like India, not only the children belonging to rural areas are suffering from anemia, but even who are from urban areas of cities & belong to a well-flourished & financially sound families are also greatly suffering from nutritional anemia. And this condition is not gender biased, & is found in both male & female children.

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Human happiness is based on the overall development of an economy, which is also supported by world happiness index which includes gross domestic product per capital, life expectancy and social support and Freedom. Happiness is considered a proper measure of social progress and goal of public policy. The concept of happiness and well-being are very likely to help guide progress towards sustainable development.

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Seven and a half decades have passed since the beginning of the Second World War but the memory of the war remains still very clear in our mind. It is because the sacrifices and suffering inflicted by the war was so great unlike any other war that even today millions of people continue to give serious attention to the mention of such event. However, until now the blame game is on and cannot corner down as to who started the war, the western powers were refused to accept that it originates from them and thwarting towards Russia. Whereas Russia blamed the western powers policy failures to dose off the fascist menace at the nascent stage. With regards to the questions about the genesis of the Second World War, there are certain attributes given by noted scholars and renowned historian in this area which remains unresolved mysteries lately. The debate continues until recently and while in the midst of this blame game on the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War, in August 2009; Angela Merkel declared it was Germany who started the Second World War.

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ABSTARCT The worldwide data transmission lack confronting wireless transporters has spurred the investigation of the underutilized millimeter wave (mm-wave) recurrence range for future broadband cell communication systems. There is, be that as it may, little learning about cell mm-wave proliferation in thickly populated indoor and open air situations. Securing this data is basic for the diagram and operation of future fifth era cell organizes that usage the mm-wave go. In this paper, we display the motivation for new mm-wave cell frameworks, methodology, and gear for estimations and offer an arrangement of estimation comes to fruition that show 28 and 38 GHz frequencies can be used while using steerable directional gathering contraptions at base stations and cell phones.

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Guide is a 1965 romantic drama film starring, Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. It was directed by Vijay Anand, who contributed to the screenplay. The film is based on the novel The Guide by R.K. Narayan. This is the very moving story of greed, illicit relationship, chasing your dreams, destiny taking you to unimaginable, power of faith, superstition, luck and finally divinity. It has been suggested that Narayan is easy to read and hard to understand. He is certainly easy to read, but the end of novel is enigmatic, The Guide is certainly thought provoking.

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Family is the basic social unit of society. Family exists in all known societies in one form or the other. Though the institution of family has kept on changing with regard to the needs and situations, it has always remained the most important and basic social unit of society. Changes in socio-economic structure and processes such as Urbanization and Industrialization have led to transformation of family. Migration from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment has led to re-defining the gender roles within the family. Joint family system has given way to nuclear family due to migration and economic hardships. Small family norm is gaining popularity. Education and economic hardships has stressed upon the need for women to come out of home boundaries and find employment for the sustenance of the family. Economic independence of women has charted out new roles for women in social life as well. They no longer depend on the male patriarchs for their sustenance instead they are now contributing to the family income and command respect in every field of activity. With the evolution of family from joint to nuclear, the status of women has changed. Now the male member of the family has recognized that it is also his duty to look after the children and help in other household chores. The paucity of time in the fast changing world and need to do better with the already limited resources have prevailed upon the mind of the male members of the family that in order to sustain and keep pace with the fast changing world, women must also perform outside the family and they themselves must contribute in household chores.

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Nannometer is one-billionth of a meter which is smaller than wavelength of visible light and hundred thousandth the width of a human hair nature perfected the science of manufacturing matter molecularly for instance our body are assembled in a specific manner from million of living cells are nataure’s nanomachine in general nanotechnology dealing with any thing measuring between 1 and 100 nm larger than that is microscale and smaller than that of atomic scale nanowire and carbon nano tube scientists find 2 nano size structure of particular intrest- nanowire and carbonnanotube. Nano wire are the wire with a very small diameter some time as small as one nano meter. Scientists hope to use them to build tiny transistor for computer chips and other electronic devices

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Gender based human society has been evolved of which the women folk boar the brunt of subjugation. The problem of such discrimination has differed in nature from society to society. In the developing countries, particularly in Asia, various socio-cultural, religious, political, legal and economic factors determine the status of women. These are further coupled with factors like family structure, socialization practices, gender role, inheritance pattern, cultural image of gender, etc.